Gift of Elune cardback about to get way harder to earn

With Ysera the Dreamer leaving Core it’s going to become way more difficult to complete the Mysteries of Stormwind to earn the Gift of Elune cardback. I really gotta hurry up and get this done before she rotates out. Guess I’d better craft Oracle of Elune unless I can generate it with Resizing Pouch or something. Anyone else succeed at doing this?

Update: I was able to complete it on 2/26/2024! Definitely worth the 400 dust =D

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Good point about Ysera the Dreamer here. There’s another puzzle where it’s relevant, namely the Nathria one.

An important thing to note, although it’s been said elsewhere: Core versions of most pertinent cards (with the likes of Ysera actually being the exception), in this case the Lunar Eclipse, do not work for these puzzles [1] — you’ve gotta use the ‘evergreen’ ones, that is, the craftable ones. Especially with the Nathria puzzle, it’s a big ‘ouch’ for those who hadn’t done it when it was still free — I had to craft a bunch of expensive cards… However, Ysera the Dreamer and Nozdormu the Eternal are the exceptions there, existing only in the Core set for now, so now is probably the time to do it (and the puzzle itself is actually fun, unlike some others, and involves some actual play), lest it become even more expensive with her rotating out.


PS Whoops…

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