Game stopped working for Google Pixel 6/6a/6 Pro/7/7 Pro

Ever since the Return to Naxxramas mini patch, the game has become unplayable on these devices. This has been well documented on the r/Hearthstone subreddit, but I think it bears repeating.

Google Pixel is not a fringe/old platform, it’s a very current mobile and at the moment users are blocked out from pretty much every game mode except Battlegrounds.

Several small animations will prompt the game to freeze or go into a black screen. It’s impossible to open My Collections without the game crashing. During an average Standard or Duels match, the only solution to play it is to kill the app, try to reopen it and pray you turn hasn’t passed.

For some reason, Battlegrounds is untouched by this bug, but pretty much everything else is broken. I miss playing Hearthstone. I paid for the miniset and haven’t been even able to play a match with it since the new patch broke Hearthstone for my phone.

Clearing cache, uninstalling, reinstalling and any basic troubleshooting is unable to fix these errors. Many (myself included) have tried. Nothing works.

Please fix this issue for Google Pixel as soon as possible. Devices affected according to multiple threads are Google Pixel 6/6a/6 Pro/7/7 Pro.


The same thing happened to me

I’m on a Pixel 6 and I have the same problem, I can’t open my collection to add the new cards to decks. I can sometimes play a game, but it does crash multiple times during the game. Navigating the UI seems to work fine. I have tried clearing the cache and data, and neither worked. I have not tried reinstalling, but others say that doesn’t work. I would love any tips, solutions, or work-arounds. Thank you!

I’m having the same issue. Done the basic troubleshooting but still freezes in game. Have noticed that the numbers get bold sometimes after reopening

Pixel user here, recently battlegrounds freezing just about every game, needing to reboot and get messed up with the rounds. Unplayable ATM.

Enable battery saver mode on the joystick menu thing when in the app. It’s a workaround while blizzard fixed whatever is broken.

Same here on Pixel 7 Pro