Game launches to a brown box on Mac mini running Sonoma 14.5

I figured this would be fixed now, but it’s been several weeks. Game launches to just a brown large box. Has anyone had any luck with a work around?

You also tried to Scan & Repair?

If it’s the same issue I had on my MacBook Pro (mine opened to a yellow rectangle, I heard sounds, saw none of the accompanying graphics), I did finally find a workaround. I used the advice and added a line of text to the options text file in my ~library.)
See the full instructions from Immediate_Produce_39 in the reddit thread here (that person’s solution was the one one that worked for me):

yes - I did. Was hoping after last nights update it would work. But same issue.

I rebuilt / repaired the app, reinstalled, nothing helped. The workaround in the Reddit thread I’m having a hard time following because there is no hearthstone folder in the preferences directory and no options.txt anywhere.