Game Crashes on Mac

Everytime I switches to another screen while on hearthstone, it crashes. It’s been like this for almost a month.

I’ve been having this same Issue, Are you on the MacOS Sequoia Beta?

Whenever I switch workspaces if the game is in Fullscreen it crashes completely. The same thing happens in Windowed.

Yes same problem. Or if I try and change via mission control in windowed mode. Pinwheels and freezes the client.

Apple M2 Max
Sonoma 14.5

Hello??? Is someone going to help with hearthstone on Mac issue?? The game has been unplayable for weeks and I won’t be purchasing anything from the expansion until this is fixed…

Having the same issue. I would say that it started after installing the Sequoia Beta, however it could be a coincidence.
As MeiGuoF91 stated… to me it also happens almost every time i put HS in the background.

I only play BGs but the game crashes or makes me notice that it did crash in mostly two situations:

  • After picking a hero, the time will run down but im not getting transferred into the recruit phase.

  • After the rope runs down in recruit phase the transition to combat does not happen.

The only solution then is to force quit the game and restart it. This can happen repeatedly during one battlegrounds game.

Fullscreen or Windowed does not make a difference. I also noticed that after force quitting the game to restart it, logins me in again.