Galakrond Animations Temporarily Disabled

Hey Folks,

We are currently in the process of rolling out a hotfix that will disable the animations for Galakrond. The reason for this:

We’ve found multiple occurrences in which Galakrond’s animations can cause the Hearthstone client to disconnect. The primary occurrence: when playing Quest Galakrond Shaman, we encountered (as well as received word) a bug where the client would disconnect after using Heart of Vir’naal + minions with the Invoke keyword.

This is just a temporary solution that will fix the client disconnects . We are aiming to ship a client patch within the next week that will be the long-term fix for this issue.

The team is continuing to keep an eye out for issues, so please do let us know if you encounter more pesky bugs :bug:


How about this?

Avoiding picking it because we know it is bugged, fine. Having a dead card in hand during the Brawl because it is bugged, fine. But when the AI plays it against you, there is nothing we can do to avoid that. This is frustrating. Why not simply remove this card from the pool of possible treasures until it is fixed? And remove it from AI decks.

Edit: Thanks for this notice and quick fix to the Galakrond issue. I have not encountered that one yet, but from what I see in the forums, it is affecting a lot of players, I am sure they will appreciate.

Hi Chris.
I’m not sure if it’s intentional or not, but whenever my opponent upgrades his Galakrond, if he’s holding Galakrond in hand the card flashes, letting me know that it’s there. Is this a bug or intentional?


Chris , I’m having framedrops randomly when I play this deck. It never happened before.