Fun and interactive

about what I expect from the blizzard balance team
Oyden is not fun to play against
forge of wills taunt warlock isn’t fun to play against
there’s barely any counterplay against meta decks.
Tired of solitaire Hearthstone right now
Can’t wait till the next round of solitaire arrives {next expansion} lol

Truth is, Hearthstone was never fyn. It’s just simple and addictive. People trick themselves into thinking that is fun.

Ah, even back in 2014 I hated Mage because of its RNG. Now, everything is RNG.


If I wanted Exodia matches every time. I’d fire up the Yugioh anime.

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I like Odyn and I think it’s cool that they gave Warrior the power to get offense from defence but Odyn is very obviously going to get stronger as time goes on when more methods of gaining armour are introduced, if he’s not already considered broken with the tools Warrior has now - I hope in the future Warrior isn’t balanced around the presence of Odyn and instead Odyn is balanced to not break Warrior every time new cards come out

And competitive. Anything that makes themselves feel good.

Well we’re stuck with the titans for the next rotation as well. But this time they’ll be paired with even stronger cards. Since team 5 is creatively bankrupt, it’s going to be more mana cheating, more efficient discover, and more overtuned 1-3 drops to end games sooner.

Just dont take it serious, its a casual game, its a bit like a slot machine. Alot of show

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You obviously expect them to balance around what you find fun and so you win 100% of games.

Sorry that Bobby doesn’t focus on “wheeldeal” balancing.

Don’t strawman my boi wheeldeal299, brawler. I’m sure he’d gladly settle for 80%.

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He can negotiate it at the next Activision Blizzard Microsoft board meeting

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And why not? His game design knowledge and business acumen are legendary, and people don’t think he’s fat at all.

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First episode. Easy peasy.

Sure. However, don’t give different modes of play then; Casual/Ranked. I’m sure for a lot of players, they want the difference between the two to be more than just ranks.

Man I certainly hope they remove “Blizzard” from the names (I know they won’t) as there is no “Blizzard” quality here anymore.

Bobby’s only job is to appease shareholders at least until January.

Sorry but I don’t expect The Brawler with a Grim Patron Profile picture to understand that the CEO doesn’t actually design the game.