Frequent Reconnections!


Hello! my server: Europe.
Bohdan36 # 2768
I turned to technical support, they said that they did not know what the problem was and could not help to solve it, so they said to write here.
Recently, a “Reconnection” often occurs. I do not play much in the ladder at the moment, but in the adventure of Dalaran I see this message every day.
I have Windows 7 X32 and reconnection occurs both in the morning and in the evening.
I understand that there is an opportunity to continue the game after reconnection, but before that it appeared in the ladder, where it caused inconvenience.
I do not know the reason for this.
Therefore, either write how to do this so as not to see them, or do everything possible so that there are no reconnections in the game, I ask you give answer. Give thanks.

What is the solution to the problem? Played ladder problem remained.