Freeze on MacOS Sonoma when switching Spaces

I’ve had a pretty consistent bug today where the game freezes after I use the OS X Spaces feature to switch between desktops. It doesn’t happen every single time but it happens frequently and only when switching.

I’ve mostly been playing Battlegrounds. Haven’t confirmed whether it happens in other game modes.

Running Hearthstone on MacOS Sonoma 14.5, on an M1 Macbook Air


I am also having similar issues on OS X. While playing standard system notifications, notifications iMessage, and switching desktops causes hearthstone to freeze. It will not respond. Only restarting the application will make it responsive.

This issue started to occur after the most recent patch. I updated my OS to try to fix the issue, and it did not make a change.

I am running hearthstone on MacOS Sonoma 14.5, on an M2 MacBook Pro.

Latest Hearthstone update completely messed up the Mac version. Repeating black screens or graphic bugs on startup, can not play the game at all. Repair or reinstall does not help. M2 Sonoma 14.5

Can confirm, crashing upon switching spaces/desktops. Easily replicated. M3 MACOS Sonoma 14.5.

same here, game is unplayable. M2 Max Sonoma 14.2.1

I am hitting this as well, running macOS Sonoma 14.5 on M1 Pro MacBook Pro. I frequently use mission control to swap between applications and repeatedly causes Hearthstone to hang, forcing me to quit and re-launch the game.

Same here, only workaround is set graphics quality & frame rates to “LOW”, but game is not smooth on these settings

Same issue here on MacOS Big Sur 11.7.10. Workaround works with frame rate set to LOW (while quality still HIGH).