Free 3200 Dust?

As far as I can discern, you should still have your Ramp Druid.

I didn’t craft it. I was going to totally be responsible and save my new, generously given dust, savoring a variety of artisinal choices over the next month or so, thanking Blizzard for every bit of their uncharacteristic generosity oh wait


I try not to be too negative - but goodness gracious, this was a thirty clown circus car trunk fiesta, Blizzard.

I was about to enjoy the game for once, craft a few cards I’ve needed for years, play a wider, healthier meta and toss y’all a $20-30 Wild purchase because I was grateful.

Now I think I’ll go do something else with my night.

  1. Next time I see free Dust in my account I’m using it.
  2. If a baseline pack costs roughly $1.25 and is a baseline 40 dust, that implies that you are charging us about $40-50 per crafted Legendary.
  3. This also has made it clear that we own nothing when it comes to Hearthstone, except an account you really own and that you can reach into and alter at any time.

No one could remember exactly how much dust they had.

When you open the game and clicked too quickly, you wouldn’t even notice the dust increase.

Next thing you heard your cards were robbed. And you couldn’t remember which cards were missing from your collection.

Then you bought new cards.

All did legitimately and should be afforded benefit of doubt. no punishment is not warranted

I didnt get any dust

Logged in just now and my cards had all been restored and my dust balance set to 0 (even though I had some before the whole disaster). Disenchanted a crappy common to check if the balance was in the negative (in case the numbers didn’t reflect it) but that card gave me a positive balance of 20 dust. Seems they are fixing things by restoring cards and setting dust to 0, at least in my case.

Its honestly sad when you think about it. you got over 100 posts here all happy and thanking blizzard then they take it back and there are now like 20 forumns of 1000s of posts of people ticked off.


This comment hasn’t aged very well I’m afraid…

Did you do this before they took it back?

You’re psychic amigo

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Brother, you ain’t lyin’.

This is the saddest gaming thread I have ever read online, anywhere at anytime. From joy and jubilation to heartbreak and feeling violated. Microsoft can’t save this company’s soul. It was sold long ago…


Imagine, thinking maybe you were wrong and blizzard was turning a new leaf on aggressive monetization, gave a christmas gift, and went

Just a prank bro!


I had received dust only once of about 8800, 2 days ago.

They seem to have taken it back now. I thought they only took back the dust from those who received extra/twice?

It is funny how I looked at the forum 2 days ago and found threads and comments thanking Blizzard for their “generosity” and people writing whole paragraphs thanking Blizzard for their “Christmas present”… just to end up having to deal with this mess.

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do you know we can see your btag, right? and it says new player :joy:

dude, it’s blizzard or should i say bli$$ard, don’t forget lol

what u mean says new player? maybe in forum im new but not in game.

game or forum, it’s the same account and yours says new account

dunno but its not new, i even have legendary card that little ppl have, Gelbin Mekkatorque for participating in closed beta.

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Lol, we were so innocent =,)

impossible unless you recently renamed