Free 3200 Dust?

I got 7200 dust X2. My golden Lok was replaced with a non golden one. I still have 2 golden druid location cards and 1 golden mage location card (had 2) and the rest are gone. Not sure whatever this is rolled out smoothly.

I want free 3200 dust! Gimme gimme gimme!!

Edit: ok just logged I got 8800 free dust hahah nice!!! Crafting poison rogue and beast Druid as we speak!!! Suckers!

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you are supposed to get it only once if you got it twice…it may be reverted so be careful

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Well i got 4000, whooo!! managed to fill out the last 2 legendaries i wanted for me wild highlander/thief rogue. its just won 3 games in a row :slight_smile:

I think the higher your track level the more dust you get.
For the double dust, you need to get lucky

Haha spent it all on legendarys!! They take it back, I see them in court!!!

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are they giving it for the normal version of the uncraftables too? i was checking my collection and i do have golden versions of the uncraftable cards

but not enough for the 7000 dust unless i count the normal ones

if you have 0 dust youll probably end up with -7200 dust but keep the cards

I can only confirm I lost the golden ice tower (rare) in my mage deck and the Lokholar. That’s 2x400+3200 = 4000 already. Not sure about the other 4000. And not sure why I got double.
So there must be some other cards

Yeah that’s what I’ve been reading. I’ve no desire to craft anything at the moment so I’ll just wait till they sort it all out. I’d honestly rather have my golden Lok back and the missing mage location card back.

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If you have a mobile version, log in there. You golden cards are still there for some reason.
I bought 16k new cards and they show up on both PC and mobile version.
But the mobile version still has all the missing golden uncraftable there.

I only play mobile and all but 3 of my honor gained cards are gone and my golden Lok’holar from the rewards track was replaced with a non-golden version. Hopefully I get them back. They can have their dust back.

If they take away all the cards i just made im not going to be happy.

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Can anyone else confirm this math?

I got 17,600 dust ( 2 x 8800) I’m curious of the cash value.

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yeah, you got this dust by losing a number of cards out of your collection, so this wasn’t a free gift.


I got 8800 arcane dust twice. Wow what just happened.

I think a 5600 Dust hole would be crippling for future years of play, to be honest. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I did craft Final Showdown! It’s okay. I think it may be good one day, but right now it can’t compete with Pirate Warrior and so I can’t take it to Ranked. :thinking:

not all of us, i got 0 dust

I got 0 dust, is that possible?

They did say in the tweet that it would take longer for different players so maybe you’ll still get some later.

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