[Fluff] Giggling Inventor's Jokes for March


My boyfriend is always playing HS and ignoring me.
I got so fed up I asked him,
“One day, If HS and me fell into the sea, who will you choose?!?!?!”
He ponder for a short moment,
“I think I will choose Jaina”

(Do you have a good joke or something that can bring a smile to other?)

(Mary Anne Lee) #2

Saw this on Hearthpwn, so it’s not an original, but I thought it was super funny!

Why is Anduin afraid to go outside?
Because the light shall burn you!


Not a joke but a test of card knowledge (trivia)
Which card’s attack speech is “Hunt them down!”


Why doesn’t DK Malfurion wear cloaks made of spiders webs anymore?

Because the web unravels.


Why does DK Malfurion always surf the internet?

Because the (world wide)web unravels.