Fix login Google-account redirect


Having already created an account on an ipad using my email, when I tried to log into these Forums by using my Google account, the website properly informed me that the email I’d chosen to use was already in use and have the option to Link those accounts (the existing account and, presumably, the yet-to-be-created Forums account). So far so good. I pressed the option to Link them.

Here we go wrong. I was redirected back to the original login page with no alerts, messages, or other information that anything had happened. Round and round I went with the same results, no clue whether anything was linked or what…

Finally I just logged in using my Google email (NOT by using a Google account, but just using my gmail email address as the login) and then just used a random password, and it finally worked.

Please fix the initial redirect where the user is given no information or any indication that anything whatsoever has happened or changed since the last time he/she was at that page.