Fix haro setting sun in heroic


his uber unfair big priest garbage. almost imposible to beat.


I agree.

There’s almost no way to win no matter what deck you have.

They do not give you tools to deal with it.


who is haro?is it the name of boss?



He’s the only part of the Heist I’ve found to actually be unfair. Haro absolutely needs a fix


100% agree. It’s honestly just a run-ender unless you’ve drawn very specific treasures to counter his effects, or are playing a spell-driven deck.

Just another RNG ingredient in the RNG cake that is every single “dungeon run” experience to date.


You sure it’s not a problem with your deck creation…



Of course not. I’m not arrogant enough to say it can’t possibly be a problem with me. But given that no boss in the Heist so far has given me consistent problems except Haro, it seems unlikely.


It’s not that there is an issue with the deck, it’s that there’s an issue with treasure selection. The only way to overcome him is to specifically have treasures that facilitate this (specifically, Spell Damage +3, Minions that cost more than (5) cost 5, double your health (this one’s a long shot, but it helps), etc.).

Without having rolled these treasures, there isn’t a 1, 2, 3 or 4 drop in the world that can contend with his hero power, along with his endless revival and removal tools.

Ultimately, the RNG associated with discovering treasures, not your ability to draft a viable deck, determines your ability to beat Haro.


To the guy above, I was taking a dig at Loco for his post in an earlier thread and I completely agree with you.

To Loco, as you stated in the other thread, you’ve only had about five attempts on wing 3. And, that’s fine. I get not everyone loves single player mode. But speaking as someone who has played dozens of attempts (because I prefer it to ranked/casual), it’s not a deck-building issue. It’s that some bosses – particularly the mid-range ones – are so overtuned it’s borderline impossible to beat them with some classes.

As crazysheep points out, it’s a complete RNG fest where you’re better to simply restart if you get a crappy treasure selection. That, in itself, is poor design.


I love the single player content, I haven’t had time to play much of wing 3 due to a volleyball tournament from Friday to Sunday. I’m not planning to do THIS SPECIFIC WING again because I don’t like its specific mechanic. This does not mean I don’t like the single player content.

So in your dozens of attempts, how many times have you finished it and what overtuned bosses are you talking about? I want you to name them all please.


Discussion with you is pointless, so I’ll pass. When I listed Applebough as overtuned you dismissed it as deckbuilding. Then you get incredulous when I use your own logic against you. As stated in the other thread, I have no desire to engage with an internet tough-guy.


Applebough is tougher than most at its level but still doable. I think you just want to whine, I asked for your list because I’m pretty sure I’ve beaten most of the bosses on it.

And unlike you, I agreed it could be a me problem.


ridiculous unique bosses are fine, but the thing that makes me mad is that they know how much we hate wild big priest, and they made a fckn ladder big priest for a solo adventure that people play for fun, are you kidding me


I came here just to second this, I have had many different kind of decks and treasures and I have never beaten him once regardless of what my deck was. I thought maybe I could win once i got my +3/+3 to all minions treasure was cast but he has overwhelming board presence. Perhaps the take control of all minions treasure could beat him but I’ve never had the chance to use it on him.

Once his random minion in act 2 was Baron Geddon, he proceeded to res multiple copies of them to the point where they were killing eachother at the end of turn. As funny as it was the fact that I couldnt effectively actually attack them with my minions ended my run.


Terrible design, and I feel like that applies to most of Heroic, if the purpose of the game is to get 45 crowns (I got about half before giving up out of boredom). There are just too many games at 7-8 you can’t possibly win, unless you summoned the psychic power of the ancients and committed to the correct build from go.

Also, seriously Blizzard, if you’re gonna continue to define “challenge” as rolling a 7 on a 6-sided die, could you at least get rid of the rewards that are just not worth taking? Like, how does giving a random minion +1/+1 per turn, or 3 boom bots/secrets, even begin to compare to Captured Flag, the 1/2 cost robes, or permanent stealth?


I totally agree with you guy, Haro is just straight up stupid. There shouldn’t be a boss who is unbeatable, except for 1 or 2 builds. If you don’t run big minions at half cost or +3 spell dmg, you have no way of beating him. A boss like that just ruin the experience of solo play. How fun is it to play, when all your minions have 0 attack?

Im about 1-20 against him and so pissed at this point.
The easy solution is not trying to fix Haro, because SO much is wrong with him. So just remove him completely!


Everytime I get haro in round 7 i just want to quit the run. The fight is 99% unfair. You need to be insanely lucky that he mind controls your low drop minions and for some reason those keep getting revived or as mentioned before just have the perfect combination of treasures and spells to manage.

edit: forgot to mention he usually “copies” my treasure spells like the candle which will just make me give up.


you know there is a problem when you auto quit when you see him appear. i’ve tried a LOT of decks, but at least in the crowded streets twist, i have never managed to beat him. so i just came here to say “^%#$ Haro” after a 3 lose streak to him. I literally alt tabbed to find a fix haro thread and post “^%#$ Haro” on it. ^%#$ Haro.



someone needs to make a video for the public to see what blizzards single player ‘adventure’ is all about.


I agree. Like, I’m always willing to accept that I’m just not good enough to be competitive, and I would sincerely love to see a real pro win >50% of their heroic runs.

And if not, and Heroic mode is “hit reset until you’re literally god”, cool, folks who enjoy this kind of thing can go on with that, but I’m maybe done giving Blizzard my money for these things?