Fix "Current arena cards" section PLEASE

Dude, How the hell did the site developers (or whatever they’re called) didn’t update the “Current arena cards” section in the card library yet?!
It’s been multiple weeks and it feels like they either don’t care or somehow didn’t acknowledge this major issue yet.

It’s still showcasing cards from previous rotation sets (nathria and voyage) and excludes the newly added sets (outland, uldum, darkmoon), which makes it extremely frustrating for someone who wishes to play this game mode seriously, and know which cards are available in the overall pool while drafting and especially while playing.

Let’s say mid-game i play a card that says “discover a nature spell”, and i need a specific few for the current situation, im going over to the card library to see what are my options from the current available nature spells - guess what, its completely useless as the sets are not updated and i dont know and definitely dont memorise what cards are from the current sets and and which arent - cus the library still shows old cards and excludes the newly added cards.

Pretty much every discover card has the same issue that i can’t know ahead of time which cards are available in the pool, and i sure am not gonna open like 7 different tabs for every expension in the current rotation in order to view all the possibilities - it should all be showcased in the “Current arena cards”.

Please fix…