Firing people isn't a sign of a heathy game

Blizzcon will be a big factor if I stay invested or not.

Aggreeing with the main idea.
But keep in mind that Blizzard is currently in the process of being acquired by Microsoft. A company acquiring another is rarely made without breaking pots. They may be firing “problematic” employees of various sorts, or just following orders/negociations to fulfill the wish of a new management.

Every single company in existence has fired people.

Your claim is ludicrous.


Blizzard has traditionally fired people at the start of their fiscal year. {around Febuary} This month isn’t the time they usually do that. But keep pretending that this is different. I didn’t even mention the unity drama yet.
The internet is right there for your use if you don’t believe me.
Just voicing concerns that’s it.

This year has been one of the worst years in gaming history in terms of layoffs and greedy market practices (looking at Unity). Some teams have been hit with layoffs right after a hugely successful release. There is zero relationship between the state of the game or its profits and these events.

Could Hearthstone be doing badly? Very possibly. Are layoffs a proof of that? Not really

unity mess and epic games just fired around 900 employees

Team 2.5 will be working on Hearthstone from now on.

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When Blizzard saw no need to those money bags that had nothing got lay off.

riiiight as if they are going to shut down wow now

Cheng finally had ChatGPT replace some programmers

They literally fired hundreds of employees at this time of year in 2018. the biggest “mass-sacking” in the companies history.

You are wrong.

Remember in school when they taught you correlation is not causation and vice versa? I get your point but your example isn’t an indication of it.

looks at internet
No. No they don’t.


They admitted they failed and still fail in monotization of the game…i just wonder why when i look at the prices in the shop.

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i think its a great thing and glad to see these people get fired and replaced with a competent team of people who actually care about the game instead of being greedy and going for the quick buck. Hopefully this puts the rest of the team on notice that they either make a quality game like the original team did at the start or start working on that resume and find a job. Sorry no excuse for how this game has turned out or the lack their of for the cards and balancing they have done to it.

When Hearthstone was making a lot of money, blizzard didn’t take care of the game’s balance and you think that now with Hearthstone in decline (leaks on reddit) it will solve the problem?! LOL!!

Not that I defend this corporation, ever. But there are redundancies with every acquisition.

Boobie probably just needed to trim some expenses to make the next tier of his last bonus before Microsoft takes over and firing people is the quickest and easiest way to do it.

What’re talking about? Microsoft is going to keep Bobby on for the lulz.