[Firewall] Accept incoming network connections

Hi guys,

Since the patch, every time I’m starting HS on my MacBook, it display a Warning message to request the hearthstone.app to allow incoming connection. Please check the screenshot:

Why does the application needs incoming firewall allowed? The client should talk to the remote server, and the client should never listen on an open port for requests from an external source.

Every time I choose deny, and the game is working fine. So could you please explain why this is happening, and how to fix it (such as you did with the notification issue on iPhone)

MacBook Pro running macOS Catalina 10.15.7

According to a pinned topic there is a mythical “direct connection between players” that is used for emotions and mouse moves. It requires a listening port.


Thanks for your answer.
Could you please share the link to the topic? I can only see topics from 2019 pinned in this section, and none seems to talk about “Direct Connection between players”.

Even, this seems really weird to get a port opened between 2 players directly. This is a potential attack vector if someone wants to hack your laptop.

It’s annoying to click that “Allow” button everytime. Can you guys fix this?
Even after adding to the firewall this message still pops up. The game seems to work even after clicking deny, so why do i see that popup?

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