Few missing cards


If you search attack:0, Devilsaur egg is missing there.
New classic and basic cards are missing too.


It is there. Make sure you select All Cards or Journey to Un’Goro.

(Ian Shepherd) #3

https://playhearthstone.com/en-us/cards/41259-devilsaur-egg?set=wild&textFilter=devilsaur This one here?

Regarding New Classic and Basic cards, those have now been updated in the Library. Thanks for the heads up!


Thanks for these!
Could I have “one” more request for you? :smiley:
Could you please add more “token cards” to every card which somehow has a different art than we should expect?
Like Plague of Madness has a different art than normal rogue dagger and I can´t find It anywhere on your site.
And I´m sure there is a lot more cards like this one.
Thanks! :smiley:

(Ian Shepherd) #5

Plague of Madness / Plagued Knife issue has been fixed. We’re working through these particular cases in the Library. Thanks for your patience!

Rare · Spell · Saviors of Uldum · Each player equips a 2/2 Knife with Poisonous.