Features for grinders

Hello there (General Kenobi)
I was thinking about something.

When in Battleground mode, it is impossible to keep track on what hero we need to pick to get that sweet sweet achievement for said hero. If the developers somehow can make it easier for us to see “Well, I can see I need to get 1st place for Bru’Kan, but I have already completed Akazamzarak - however, I need to get Ice Block to get THAT achievement”.

Also, is it possible to somehow get a feature that allows us to choose if the Battleground run we are getting to should consist of a) heroes we’ve already have completed quests for, b) one hero that we’ve completed and one hero we still need to complete, or c) heroes we still need to complete?

I doubt that this is possible. That would make matchmaking alot more difficult. You would either wait minutes to maybe find a match that fits your archivement criteria or you would have matches with alot of bots.