Faelin Solo Adventure: Azshara fight

The Azshara fight at the end of Faelin’s Adventure seems impossible to me if you have Grace chosen as your crewmember. Both her and Ini are dormant for 4 turns and are too slow to fight back against the legendary minions that are constantly summoned.


why is it that they love making buggy impossible boss fights and don’t play test before shipping it out? How do you beat Azshara, Blizzard? Go on tell us.


Funny thing. After going against it 10+ times, the moment I posted this I win…

But yeah, it’s way to hard.

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Impossible piece of trash.

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Yeah: tons of stages you have to fight through, then 100 health to fight with and she still gets even more help with that 4/10 reviver. I can reach the final stage no problem, but by then we’re incredibly close in fatigue, something Azshara can deal with 100x better than I do thanks to her incredibly high health and several Sunken cards. I keep getting beat by fatigue no matter what I do, even tried not using the Hero Power at all (a Hero Power that draws in a battle where fatigue is the main enemy, what kind of horrible joke is that???)


This fight is more annoying than anything. You can progress the fight quickly but when it comes to the phase where there are two minions summoned you have to kill both at the same time. Which can be hard to do if you can’t lower their health into starfall range without killing them or high roll discovering flamestrike. After that, least for me the fight was relatively easy. You can buff your board with Arbor Up and take her to 50 health or lower to win the fight.

You need to kill her mostly with fatigue, she draws a lot of cards, and thanks to the two bottomfeeders in your deck, you can delay fatigue a lot. Just take the ‘gain 4 health when this attacks’ ability on the priest ally and that will keep you in it through the final parts. Just don’t kill yourself by drawing too many cards with the hero power.

I don’t think you get Bottomfeeders with Grace. I’ve played it multiple times and just get spells. If I did it would be easy.

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Ah that might be possible, only went through it with the warrior guy so far.

can some one tell me how to pass lvl 15 puzzle … i cant un flood the compartment and tried every thing

WAAAAAT, picking a different ally gives you Bottomfeeder in the deck? That would’ve solved all of my problems I have in the Azshara fight and turn the fatigue from a problem into a boon!

Ugh, I picked the pirate ally at the start because I thought “Pirates are great this format”, only to not just not get any Pirates, but now it seems this also caused me to get screwed over in the final fight.


Which one? If you give a bit more details of what you have in hand in that one I might remember which one it was. :slight_smile:

I just finished playing through it with the pirate girl, and frankly, it felt lot easier with her than with the warrior guy. I just took the lifesteal buff to the pirate and the gain 4 health when this attacks to the priestess and it was a breeze.

Would be better to just look up the puzzle solutions and save yourself the time. They have been figured out already and have step by step guides on youtube.


The 4 turn dormancy is KILLER. It would at least be tolerable if they had Rush, but between the 4 turn wait (or even the 2 turns for Caye) AND summoning sickness (and heaven save you if you can’t draw your Starfalls or discover Flamestrike/Lightning Storm), being able to recover from a measley 30 HP is basically impossible.


the fight is bugged for me i literally cant deal damage to her even after killing all her stuff

Just found this thread after trying to defeat Queen Azshara since yesterday around noon, using Grace as crewmember. Probably somewhere around 25 attempts so far. I can’t even get to the last miniboss anymore. At around 6-7 mana crystals, I’m usually around 20hp, and then Azshara fills her board with naga scum, and my 2 or 3 legendary minions are on cooldown for 2 or 3 more rounds. At that point, the mediocre 3, maybe 4 minions/good cards I can muster are worthless as her minions wipe me in a turn or two. Almost every time. I choose the Lifesteal trait and heal 4 for each attack trait, and it doesn’t help. Definitely seems like they didn’t play test all the crewmembers.

So what now? Can I like, restart the entire episode and choose a different crewmember? Will really hate if I have to lose my progress but judging from this thread, seems like there’s no other potential options?

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I found Grace to be fairly easy to finish with. The only crewmember that I struggled to beat Azshara with was the warrior guy. One shotted her on both Grace and Finley.

OMG that is SOO cool! You’re an inspiration to us all! You must have a lot of friends that really like you a lot and your mom and dad are so proud of you! So proud!

I literally just beat it. Didn’t rely much on her fatigue, she only took a couple cards worth of damage from that. Be sure to select the lifesteal trait and +4 heal when attacking trait, then you need to focus the naga that regen 2 mana when she plays another naga. These give her near infinite mana each turn, and that’s how she constantly fills her board each turn. Also remember the one miniboss kills all friendly minions so once they are up, focus only on them rather than other minions. And of course, if you get any AoE cards during the fights, save ALL of them for the ones where you have to kill the two minions at the same time. I found it helpful to also have the “one +6/+6 orca OR six +1/+1 otters with rush” card for that fight, as you can spawn the otters and use just as many as you need to bring those two enemy minions both down to 2hp, so next turn you can use one AoE card and take them both out.

Hope this helps!