Eye Beam nerf oversight

The outcast text of the card was “This costs 0” and now it’s “This costs 1”.

With the nerf, the outcast text should read “Reduce the cost by 2”. It will get the same effect in reducing eye beam to 1 mana on outcast, but it wouldn’t make outcast worse with eyebeam if the card has been reduced by Skull of Guldan (or any other spell reduction effect that would bring the card to 0).

What happens right now is the card costs 0 with skull of guldan, or kaelthas on the third spell, but if it’s in the outcast position it will cost 1 instead of 0. That makes outcast a liability for eyebeam when the eye beam is already discounted to 0. This is absolutely an oversight.

I understand you just wanted to leave the text as is and change the number, but if you were designing this card over you would not have done “this cost (1)” but rather discounted it, for the obvious clash with skull of guldan.


I prefer that they did it this way and don’t think it should be changed. The goal is to make demon hunter weaker overall, and this helps


The mana cost can be changed with a server-side patch, but the text requires a client patch.

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The client patch is already out. The Outcast effect is still worded as “This costs (1),” which suggests that the current interaction with Skull of Gul’dan might be intended. Or not, I guess we’ll find out.


Its not intended. There’s no way outcast should make the card worse. The nerf was done within 24 hours.

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So then Don’t try to Outcast it if you draw it with Skill. What oversight it works just a the texts says in all cases involved. It say outcast this costs 1. Skill reduces from 3 to 0 when its not outcast then outcast take precendance and makes it cost 1. This isn’t the first time effects make things worse. Like with Aviana if you had wisps it upped their cost from 0 to 1 also if you Aldor a 0 attack enemy minion you gave it +1 attack and a few other corner cases just like this.


It’s possible. It’s also possible this was intentionally kept as an additional nerf to the Eye Beam/Skull interaction. Drawing into a 0 mana lifesteal is pretty powerful already (and remains so as long as the Outcast effect doesn’t trigger).

Again, we’ll find out.

The oversight is that the text started at making the card cost 0 at outcast, no matter what. That means that even cards that would increase cost (like that one that one wild legendary that increases spell cost by 5) wouldn’t work on eyebeam, it would always be free outcasted.

Then a hasty nerf comes and the developers just upped the number to 1. Making the card go from “this costs 0” to “this costs X” is a completely different design. The 0 will always be free. The 1 will interrupt the card when it’s already free.

I understand people want DH nerfs, but this is just poor mechanics. The card’s cost reduction by the skull would always cost 0 until it’s outcasted.

No, that’s the outcast effect. Even Loatheb or an Unraveler wont increase Eye Beam above (1) while its outcast, they will increase it when pulled by Skull though and not outcast.

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Demon hunter is currently ruining this game. It needs nerfs man, don’t defend this messed up class that Blizz introduced. It needs additional nerfs to bring back the game.

Quoting that one line out of context doesn’t make your case. The entire two paragraphs were explaining the oversight. Here it is again: the oversight is the card started at (0), and then was quickly nerfed to (1), and the two behave very differently with spell reduction effects, particularly the most common one, which is skull of Gul’dan… THEREFORE the sudden nerf completely changed the way eyebeam interacts with the DH set.

No one is defending the nerf here. The nerf is acknowledged. The oversight needs to be stated. Casting skull will have the eyebeam at 0, EXCEPT when it’s outcasted. This is a very particular circumstance that does not appear to be working as intended. It’s the only instance where outcast is doing harm.

It’s not an oversight. Its consistent with similar effects, even if its not working how you want it to.



The text of the card is working as stated. No one is disputing that. The oversight is not with the text. The oversight is with the developers making the text the way it is when nerfing the card. They clearly intended to bring the card cost up one mana when outcasted. They implemented the wrong text to do this, as explained in the original post. That’s the oversight.

Yes, they intended for it to ALWAYS cost (1) when outcast. The current text is the only way for that to happen. Not an oversight.


I understand what you are communicating now. You are correct, but I believe the fix has been implemented as a quick band-aid, or at least until Blizz employees are back from their Easter vacations to properly fix the class.

The text doesn’t read “always”. And yes other cards like “Your minions cost 5” have an intentional downside. This however was originally printed as “costs (0)” and then nerfed instantly. Clearly it was not intended to cost (1) with a reduction that already lowered it to (0) when the original effect lowered it to (0) regardless with or without the reduction from Skull of Gul’dan. To say this was intended is beyond delusional.

I’m all for cards having negative outcast effects. Lets say there’s a 3/3 that costs 1 or 2 mana but has an outcast of cost 1 more or cost 3 so you can’t top deck and if you are forced to play other left-most cards it downgrades but has a chance to be a cheap 1 cost, sure. Or a spell like Eye Beam that costs 1-2 mana but costs 3-4 if played with outcast effect. That’s fine. But that isn’t what is going on here.

This cards/effect wasn’t intended in the original design, clearly, as the original design designated it to cost (0). This is an unintentional side effect of the nerf that was unforeseen. Therefore the text should read “costs 2 less” instead of “costs (1)” to avoid this unintentional interaction.

They originally intended for it to always cost 0, what makes you think they didnt intend the nerf to make it always cost 1? Thats delusional!

E: and you completely ignore negative modifiers as well. Just because there arent any in standard now, doesnt mean there wont be again while Eye Beam is there, and they too would INCREASE the cost with your “costs 2 less” suggestion.


“anything I disagree with is a bug or oversight”

OP right now. If they wanted it to cost (2) less, they would have just made it work like that in the beginning, and guess what they would have made it work like that when they nerfed it. They clearly always want it to cost a certain amount of mana.

Stay salty.

How are you so sure?

That’s a lot of defending of an Outcast effect which is now awkwardly unintuitive. And only because Eye Beam got nerfed.

So Eye Beam normally costs 3, but if I draw it with Skull of Guldan (outcasted), it costs 0, however if Eye Beam gets the Outcast benefit, it costs 1 more?

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