Expert Practice Innkeeper Dumber

With the latest patch (27.0), it appears the innkeeper is dumber than before. Is there a reason for this? The innkeeper keeps making obvious blunders, which make this game mode no longer representable practice for new deck builds. Please fix ASAP.

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I have noticed the same thing. It seems like there have been no answers from Blizz yet.

I was wondering if they dumbed it down a little to help new players entering the game maybe? The innkeepers death knight deck is no joke…lol…I find it is a very tough deck to beat quite frequently (I am slightly embarrassed by this statement as it reflects my poor HS skills…lol). Maybe as a brand new player, being crushed by the innkeeper was turning people away, and so this was a counter measure?

Anyway, it would be nice to hear from Blizz if they know what’s up with this.

Thanks in advance!

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing initially about making it easier for entry players. But, after reading posts, I realized the other game modes had the same affect, which makes me think there is an issue. Also, since this was my first post to this site, I mistakenly put this post in the wrong spot I think (I think it should go into the bug section, IDK).

I know what you mean about the death knight. He is now so easy on expert mode, he pretty much defeats himself lol. I think the reason he was more difficult than the other heroes is because the cards he would play are greater in value played by themselves without chaining together combos than the ones chosen for the other heroes.

Anyway, I’m a rec player, so if you ever just wanna play test your decks against someone not strictly in it for the win, hit me up.