Event Quests Are Awful

Stop forcing us to play different game modes. Certain people play standard, certain people play BG’s and almost nobody likes to mix in things they don’t play. This latest “Play or destroy 4 Titans” quest for the Great Yogg Escape event is insanely painful for someone like myself who only plays BG’s. Stop it, it isn’t a good idea and it’s not fun.


This thread makes Bobby smile.

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… The Nzoth skin and all quest rewards are for standard. It’s a warlock Nzoth, not a Bg nzoth.

If you only play standard, i could get it if it was another Standard locked BG skin, fair, they do that. But… This event is solely standard awards… for a mode you don’t play(?)


I completely ignore the event quests and always manage to hit the top tier somehow.

Maybe I’m just sad and play too much.


This post makes Bobby frown.

Spoke to Bobby on numerous occasions and I can confirm that in each an every one of them he has frowned.

Should have sent him my Battle.net purchase history in hindsight.

I wish people knew the real inside of the games industry like I do, Bobby isn’t even a top 100 villain, he’s home brew, doesn’t even make the tier list.

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Yes that’s great, I like to do all the events regardless. And I don’t mind playing standard from time to time but I don’t want to be FORCED into it for games on end just trying to draw and play my Titans. There is a reason 10+ people from the HS team were laid off and it isn’t making money anymore, dumb decisions like these events quests which are tedious are part of the reason why.

Well I don’t know the inside of the games industry. So in the same way that Anton Chighur probably doesn’t actually exist, and is just a figment of Sheriff Bell’s imagination to personify the type of new criminality that Bell doesn’t understand, Bobby to me is a Chighur-like character that personifies the strange force that transformed the Blizzard I loved into a Blizzard I am disgusted by. Yes, very home brew.

I for one am willing to admit that I don’t know what I’m talking about. But I know what I’m talking about when I say I don’t know what I’m talking about.

One thing you could try is to make a budget rogue/cheap spell list. Just put all the 0-1 mana spells there like gear shift / secret passage (if you happen to have it, if not, it’s just 4 times).

You can then play a lot of quests, then play the yogg titan, shadowstep it, then use the 1 mana spell from festival to return it to hand, and play it again.

Doing that, you could even get all 4 plays in a single game playing the yogg titan. You can even try to play all 10 tendrils for like 150-240 event exp too if you wanted by activating the tendril effect between bounces, and playing the tendrils through up to 10.

Ultimately, most of it are just standard rewards. But as long as you do the quests everyday or play/afk actively, the xp does add up, but the lions share is definitely in the quest chain.


You keep using that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means.

stop playing videogames just to feed addiction


Bobby is freaking right out.

Completely agree with this comment.

That’s why I don’t get company loyalty because I literally see the breakdowns from the inside.

People look at studios like BioWare, for example, and expect to see a game like DragonAge Origins every time a new game is launched, the founders left years ago, writers are hired on temp contracts and have no love for the game or no idea of the series itself. Studio leads come from studios with completely irrelevant experience like FPS games. Artists are given super specific projects to work on fragmented from other teams and even their own. It’s crazy.

Like anything, the video game industry has been chopped up into parts with individual specialists working on each one in their thousands but there is no soul because there’s no real unity between teams or divisions and everyone just robotically plays their part.

Perfect example of this was the recent Diablo game.

Technically stunning.
Commercially, literally outstanding.

No one plays it.

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That is the perfect description of management failure. Yes, it’s true that as the scope of a project increases and the number of employees grows large due to the sheer amount of work in different specializations involved, the piece of the pie each individual works on gets smaller until it’s so… pixelated that it is no longer clear how that piece fits into the whole. But one of the core duties of management is to communicate some of that bigger picture vision downward so that the work remains meaningful. This is important to both employee morale, and to nuance in execution.

I’m not necessarily blaming immediate supervisors for this. I’ve never been in the games industry (assuming “Raxxanterax-tier obsessed unpaid beta tester” doesn’t count), but I’ve been an immediate supervisor, and my experience in such a role was a complete disregard for anything vaguely resembling work-life balance, just being swamped with duties. But if I’m being real I didn’t really care about work-life balance, what bothered me was that I was too swamped to do the supervisor things that I felt like my team, or any team really, deserved. In turned out that being a better supervisor than my predecessor was easier said than done. When I realized I was never going to get there, I got really depressed. Didn’t help that I was diagnosed with cancer around the same time. Ended up quitting.

Worked out for the best though. I love not having a W2 anymore. Insert random wagie cagie meme here.

It’s sad that we’ve acquiesced to a corporate culture of atomization.


Didn’t kill you or your sense of humour though did it?

More than we can say about most of the healthy citizens of these forums.

Well it probably will kill me eventually. The thing about pancreatic cancers is they come back. They always come back.

But I can’t imagine being as mentally healthy as I am now without being my own boss. I don’t have to know if it would break me, it DID break me. But the one cool thing about being broken is that it’s fairly low cost to just throw your old life in the bin and build a new one based on different assumptions. Didn’t have much to lose so let’s try something crazy. Just happened to actually work.

In an attempt to rerail this thread from our glorious and totally not regretting anything derail, let me make my earlier subtle point clear: you shouldn’t feel forced to do things simply because they’re expected of you. I was expected, like we all are, to be an employee. I said “forget” that and now I’m happier. I think the OP would be happier if they realized that quests are BLATANT PSYCHOLOGICAL MANIPULATION and stopped doing what quests are telling them to do unless it’s something they’d enjoy doing anyway. OP, repeat after me: “forget” quests, I’m not falling for it anymore.

Like seriously all daily quests are is the devs telling you what fun is. In a real game you don’t need daily quests because they don’t need to tell you what’s fun. The fact they even exist in Hearthstone is a huge red flag.

They say that but my wife had cancer at 3 years old, barely survived, then again at 6, barely survived. (We weren’t married at the time, believe it or not).

Doctors told her it would come back. It would kill her. She lives every day like it’s her last. The kindest, most fun loving human I’ve ever met. She’s 35, still going strong. I mean, that’s 30 years since the first diagnosis of “you won’t make it to 10”.

Wholesome derail in the end I guess this one.

Anyway. Back to topic.

I can’t see it because I’m on my phone but I’m sure it’s something about blizzard being bad.

I concur.

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No it’s exactly what means. To complete the quest you have to play standard. You shouldn’t be FORCED to play any game mode just to complete quests and get rewards. But hey what do I know, it’s not like Hearthstone is going to be around much longer anyway lol.

You are not forced to complete the quest. How about you don’t complete the quest?

Just do literally anything else.

How about you do something other than comment on the HS forums. 7119 posts? That’s gonna feel great when HS is a dead game and these forums turn into dust.

It’ll feel better than completing an event quest for a mode I don’t like, just so I can get more imaginary objects for playing said dead game.