E.T.C. Mindrender

Hello there!

I don’t know if it’s a bug, or not, but i was playing against a Priest, and he copied my hand with Mindrender Illucia. I had an E.T.C., Band Manager, what he palyed, but didn’t got the discover effect.
I’m playing on Wild, and i have Eater of Secrets, Steamcleaner and Kobold Stickyfinger in it.
It’s Wild, and i know, that Blizzard focus mainly to standard, but because of the Fair Play, my opponent should have the same Discover options, as i have.

E.T.C.'s band is tied to the player. If your opponent had an E.T.C., they would discover from their own band. If they didn’t have an E.T.C. in their deck, they wouldn’t be able to discover anything