End of Season Reward Multiplesof the same card

I just received my end of season rewards for April 2020 and got multiples of the same cards. I got 3x Hyena Alpha and 2x Aeroponics. This puts me over 2 copies for each of these while there are still plenty of rare cards that I don’t have. Do these rewards follow the same duplicate protection rules as opening packs?

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me equal, i dont have plenty of rare cards of the last expansion and the season rewards got me copies of cards that i had 2 copies of them.

It’s bugged. There are already plenty of posts on these forums about it

Of my seven rares, I got four different cards. I got x3 of a druid spell I was missing one copy of, x2 of a warrior spell and I don’t remember the other two. I am still missing one rare card from the standard set, Depth Charge. So it doesn’t seem to be duplicate protected, or if it is supposed to be, it is not working.

Same for me.
I got Bloodsail Corsair x 5 and Scarlet Subjugator x 4.

This will be fixed for the end of May rewards: