Dungeon Run missing from Solo Adventure list

I got my girlfriend into hearthstone today and told her about the dungeon run modethat I find to be the most fun. The problem is that on her account she has The Witchwood adventure on up, but not Dungeon Run. She’s already unlocked all the heroes and has completed the first three quests she was given, what else is needed to get it to show up? She can play theother adventures just not that one. Any solution would be appreciated.

Dungeon run is part of k&C so its now wild. Going by the old adventures if you dint have them pre them going wild you cant get them within the game. Might be the same for dungeon run but thats only a guess.

You can see this happening in the past with eg kara no longer being there unless you buy it on the blizzard store for cash. I assume same thing is true for knight of the frozen thrones now also. There might be some way to add dungeon run with the same method so mabye look at blizzards store and hopefully its still free just a out of the way link.

I also remember reading somewhere that you needed each class at lvl 10 for dungeon run in another thread donno if that is the case but can try it.

I think that you need to download kobolds and kotft of off the blizzard store

You also need to unlock all 9 heroes.

I looked up this question, wondering the same thing, and a search brought it up. It says that you need the intro missions done and all classes unlocked, as well as a yellow icon that says you need bronze rank 10 or better to open and it can’t be used in standard. You need to claim it from there, but that’s all I could find.
Site is here: https://us.shop.battle.net/en-us/product/hearthstone-kobolds-and-catacombs-adventure