Duels-Won’t Load NEW POWERS

I recently unlocked the second set of powers for all characters in duels but they will not load up when entering a match! I select the new power , go into make a deck and then select play and it loads up every time with the original first power!!! This is super irritating especially when I spend coins to play and then make a deck surround my new hero power and it loads up with the original other power!!! I’ve been cheated out of My rating & MY COINS dealing with this Glitch!!! FIX THIS NOW PLEASE!!!


I don’t know about the second set of powers, but definitely true for the third. I had this occur for Hunter and Mage. 3rd most recently added power was selected and the first appeared as the card in the deck.

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Couldn’t agree more with you QueenRabbiT, irritating indeed!. First I thought that I had misclicked or something but it wasn’t that. Professor Slate’s second power somehow magically converts to first when I start duel.

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Totallu agree with that. Same experience. 450 coins wasted. And they give you 500 free coins for what?

This is a known issue, a fix is in the works:

Hello. I have the same bug with the third Druid’ hero power. Still locked while I have the required cards.

that isn’t the same issue at all

What about not being refunded ALL THE COINS spent??? Some I’ve purchased with money and I’m told they can’t refund them! ???

Hello, I have the same problem with demon hunter and warrior, I spent 1600 dust to have a legendary of scholomance, and I failed to unlock the power illidari strike. Please solve this problem.

The Legendary you have must be of the class of the power you’re trying to unlock. For Illidari Strike, you need to have a Demon Hunter Scholomance Legendary.