Duels Treasure, Unlocked Potential, Moving Pools

Hey all,

We’ve got one small Duels change going out in a hotfix this afternoon, moving Unlocked Potential from Treasure Pool #1 to Treasure Pool #2. This hotfix will take place on the server side, so you will not need to download anything if you’ve already updated to the 20.2.2 patch.

Dev Comment: We do not expect this change to completely eliminate the possibility of meta-defining synergies that may pop up in duels for the time being. However, we are unsatisfied with how deterministic the passive treasures system has become after the recent change to offer more synergistic treasures. We’ll continue to listen to your feedback, and have plans to further tune the passive treasures system to be less deterministic in the next major patch.


A post from a blue GOD!!!


thanks for doing this so quickly!

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What about murloc double battlecries?

Destroyed them all today with elemental shaman double battlecries.

Darn, I’ve abused that treasure at least once as priest.

This is very good news.

This change wasn’t communicated properly and I wasted dust crafting cards for this strategy :frowning:

i have no idea what this change means can someone explain?

Unlocked potential changes the attack of each minion in your deck to match its health, which is at least good for some priests. I’m guessing the change means you won’t see it as early as you used to in a duels run.

Nice !
May we nerf the totally braindead bomb warrior aswell ? It would be great <3

It also turns Nat Pagle into a 2 mana 4/4 that has a 50% chance to draw you a card at the start of your turn.

There was a way to guaranteed get unlocked potential and discs of legends during you duels run. Many decks were build with cho, nat pagle, shieldbearer, baron rivendare in nearly every class. So it happens that after round 3 you played 2 mana 2 4/4 minions or 4 mana 2 7/7 minions. Nearly everybody made this decks the last two days

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Sure lets nerf some of the worst deckarchtype in duels. Some people are really funny

Good hotfix. Now i can get back to duels after this changes.

Just curious, how can you guarantee it?

Thanks! Good nerf, now I can get back to duels. Would be great to nerf Rally the Troops again, maybe only drawing a card without cost reduction since battlecry minions are in all classes and is a too strong instapick.

it’s not even op, there’s almost no war once you reach the 10-12 wins bracket

Deterministic means that the same treasures pop up over and over which makes it so the same OP decks pop up over and over. Knowing you will be offered certain treasures every time lets you build around that knowledge. Duels would be much more interesting if the passive treasures were more varied than they are now.

For example, if I’m shaman, I’m going to make a murloc deck because I know I will be offered a treasure to reduce battlecry cost and to double my battlecry effects. I get offered those two treasures every single time.

can we just agree that this was stupid to implement synergies to begin with? It has been hammer after hammer since it began. Sorry but you are just playing whack-a-mole.

I don’t know if Devs ever read the forum for feedback but I’ll pretend they do.

The problem is if they create more variance in the passive treasures then people complain that if you don’t get the OP treasures you just lose. And as it now you always get offered the OP treasures so it’s kind of rock paper scissors depending on your opponent.

The mode also needs greater variety in the bucket choices. Sometimes I see the exact same bucket 3 times or more in a run. I always enjoyed the single player treasure/bucket modes. The question is can the Devs get their sh** together and can the player base accept they might not get the greatest treasures/buckets every time?

Ultimately I think the missing ingredient is variety.