Duels Content Update

Cancer Caverns in Duels? Are kidding? Keep that crap in Wild or just delete that filth.

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Worst update ever, can’t even play because I lose by round 5 even if I feel like I’ve gotten a good deck, due to RNG. This update LITERALLY makes me hate Hearthstone now, but can’t stop playing cus stupid addiction :confused:

Cavern should be removed from duels ASAP. I am not going to spend anything playing Heroic before this is gone.


While at it they might take a look at how many players play druid with “destroy a minion and give two treants” hero power. It feels like when everyone was playing hunter with deathrattle power until it was nerfed.

I had forgot that duels existed.

Rally the Troops is OP, do you even test these things?

Why did Blizzard remove Duels Achievement XP? Duels achievement XP is gone now (I had 12, 9 and 10 wins respectively per account). It doesn’t make any sense that you deny NEW (and existing) players this XP for a Game Mode you want to keep alive beyond DMF!

I currently only play it to get “fast” wins on the weekly quest that offers it besides tavern, arena and battlegrounds. The inclusion of legacy/core/classic is nice since everybody has it, not sure the un’goro quests are busted enough. Quest rogue is nasty, but you need to get lucky with the draws.

Deathrattle hunter and discard warlock can actually be beaten. The mode is nice, but the rewards are limited now.

Don’t agree about draw luck with Caverns. Just had a duel with one rogue player who had multiple copies of firefly and freezing elementals. The game is encouraging to play this ugly card. Sucks all the fun that was left in this mode…

How are people getting banned cards in Duel mode? I just played against a paladin with rez hero power and a freaking Sylvanas and she’s been banned for some time now. Yet this paladin was able to get her and keep bringing her back over and over, like wtf? Are people hacking hearthstone now or what

Buckets or card generators. Some cards are only banned from the initial deckbuilding phase.

For your specific instance, Sylvanas is in the “Deathrattle” bucket for paladins.


Bad treasures are fine. I want a random exciting run not a tailor made one. If I can game the system then it forces me into narrow deck choices.

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