Druid is not so weak

I am seeying plenty of druid at d 2 so its still good at high diamond and its still pretty broken unless ur hyper aggro the deck is played at high legend as well so idk why ppl get this idea that ca druid is weak.

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You don’t have to be “hyper aggro”. Just recognize what the opponent is going to play and choose not to play all the discover and draw cards instead of putting down a board while the druid ramps and then alignments on 8 mana.

It does absolutely destroy other greed decks though.

Ramp druid, with or without celestial alignment, was also a deck i saw a lot of this month. Second to only thief rogue, which has given me the complex if the game starts and renethal is shown and it doesn’t show druid, i automatically assume i am playing a rogue.

I can’t speak for anyone else.

But I think that whoever ppl is, you want to ask them to elaborate.

You might have different definitions for what weak is. You might agree that, it fits their definition of weak. You might just disagree on the definition of weak.

I will say that popularity does not equate with strength. Otherwise we’re going to have to agree that McDonald’s has the strongest food you can eat, it’s pretty broken in the restaurant meta, because it’s the most popular restaurant in the world.

To note, I can’t argue whether it’s weak to your standard of weak, because I don’t know what your standard is.

Unless your standard is the weak decks are those that are unpopular. In that standard, you are right, it’s not weak. It’s McDonald’s strong.

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Ramp Druid isn’t weak, it’s just really easy to counter queue.

Who calls the most popular deck in HS weak? (And it’s second most popular after Imp Lock in the most tryhard bracket - D4-D1).

I doubt that sweaty HS community would use a weak deck to break into Legend :rofl:

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I just played standard for the first time of the month this weekend to get rid of my stars bonus and most of my opponents were playing either thief rogue or ramp druid.

Barely seen any imp decks.

I got legend around day 5 of this month. Been sitting at rank 2000-3000 for the entire time.

300 + games = 20% druid, 19% rogue, 18% warlock (feels like declining last few weeks).

Some of the druids are aggro druid but a big majority is problably ramp druid.

If they have the ramp + plague they are hard to beat because it give them the time they need. Luckily that card will go away soon, but seeing all the armor they will get i bet it will stay somewhat similar.

Druid is the least fun class to play against imo. Their endgame is way too strong.


Naga priest is stil the best deck i feel but this deck can win in high legend for me thats good enough but its ok if we have dfferent views :slight_smile:

i am playing renethal ping mage atm.

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It’s OK if we have different views.

But do we?

Oh so you do think its strong I think the deck was alot weak in its normal ramp version but when it moprhed back into celestial alignment it just got so much more powerfull.

This is what I think.

Spreading Plague certainly helped. We went 3 months without seeing CA builds until SP came along. I don’t think CA would be possible without SP.

With SP it’s OK, I wouldn’t say strong. Without SP, it’s bad.

I am concerned it’s going to be fairly polarized next expansion. It loses SP, but gains the minion that lets you go full combo with minions on the turn after CA. You can do Brann, Denathrius, Zola, 2x Denathrius if you have them all in hand with the new Legendary. So you just kill people, or get killed on board without SP.

I gues we wil have to see what happens its really hard to predict a meta but id say dh and dk gona be strong.

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We did get saved from Druid this expansion, don’t forget that.

Remember that people called it in July before Nathria released. Steamcleaner stopped Druid in its tracks!

That was for prestor druid but fair enough good point.

I am just saying that Druid haters were running victory laps before Nathria released.

Now they’re throwing doom and gloom over Lich King, I just don’t see it.

Death knights needs to be strong on release but not like dh was, it has to be strong who would play it if it wasnt and its new i have no problem with a new class but it should not dominiate the way dh was on release and i am confident they learned from that.

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Druid in wild is definitely not weak lol, one of yhe strongest class

I am pretty much screwed rigjt now in the decks i like to play becaus of ramp druid especially the ca version.

I like late game decks, but hate theo and sire so i dont play em and without playing em ramp druid is basically an autoloss