Druid feels way too weak after the latest nerf

Is it just me or druid seems to be extremely underwhelming right now, almost unplayable tbh. Why did they nerf druid so hard, the class was barely viable?

The upcoming set might have had something to do with it.


Just wait 1 week. The new druid archtype seems rly busted.

I had some decent success at the end of last season running dragon druid from diamond 10 to diamond 5. The meta had started to favor decks that can’t deal with wide boards well like highlander hunter and its bomb warrior counter

It’s actually somewhat shocking to me that a one mana increase to fungal fortunes was what brought Druid down.

druid became a little slower, but its worst matchup got weaker. its key turns isnt affected by the mana increase, nor is its good matchups.

Don’t worry too much. Looking at Druid’s new cards, I think we’ll have to think more about Druid being too strong rather than too weak, next week…

Current Spell Druid can get some wins, in Bronze with a low number of bonus stars. It’s a low-dust version with a couple copies of Transfer Student, but I’ll probably use it at least long enough to go down to one star per win.