Don't Disenchant cards after starting Duels run

not sure if bug or intentional, however with the new game mode, Duels, I had a good 8 wins done so far, and then decided to pause for a bit, open packs of cards, and disenchant some extras. I didn’t realize the golden copy of Coerce that i disenchanted was required for Duels, I saw it mention “being used in: duel Warrior” though figured that was just one of my pre-made decks. so after i disenchanted that, any time i try playing Duels it sits in queue for almost a minute then gives the error “The selected deck is not valid for this game mode.” I would REALLY like to keep playing that run as it is the best I’ve gotten so far, and i even crafted a golden Coerce to see if that would fix it, and it didn’t with me 800 dust down the drain. any way to fix that? As I’d feel dumb for DisEnchanting a card and now not able to continue my 8 win run

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you did get a warning message that the specific card was used in Duels, and then you removed it from your collection.

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Well, in this case, it should disallow the disenchanting - do not allow the player to make this kind of mistake. When the run is paid, it would piss the player off I guess

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Last time i played duel there was just casual which its free .

Well, Heroic will be paid and when someone disenchants a card in their heroic deck… :slight_smile:

they already have a warning window that you have to click through to disenchant them, how much more obstacles do you need?