Does this bother anyone else?

Or has it crossed your mind? The fact that players with more gold than they know what to do with can keep rerolling their arena decks until they get something really good which totally undermines the spirit of arena?

What? Who cares? Arena has been dead for literally years and if anyone is sad enough to “reroll” it will impact their leaderboards which surely must be the only reason that someone with that much gold would reroll for.

Just get better at picking arena decks

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Doesn’t seem dead. Anyway, thanks for the reply.

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Sounds expensive. Who has “more gold than they know what to do with” anyway?

Battlegrounds players

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Great response to criticism.

What’s next, are you also gonna tell him to just stop playing the game?


What about everything else I said

Saying “who cares?” automatically disqualifies the rest of your statement as irrelevant. If you don’t care about what you are saying, why should anyone else


I’ll disregard yours then.

Way to go guy, disregard anyone’s opinion that differentiates from yours, and just silently heart anything that doesn’t.

Very mature.


I’ve been gone awhile so it’s been some time since I’ve frequented these forums but… Is this how most posts go these days? Just devolve into schoolyard nonsense?

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You haven’t ever once made a solid argument with facts on this forum in 2000 posts mate.

Give me something to debate with facts and I’ll have a conversation with you.

“facts” says the guy who started his nonsense with…

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Read the rest.

Firstly, it has been dead for years. Blizzard stopped supporting it properly about 3 years ago. It’s as dead as Mercs is.

Why do you think Kripp stopped playing?

Secondly. Rerolling impacts your W/L on leaderboards right and also stops good players going infinite. So why would a good player reroll? It makes no sense.

This post just sounds like you’re salty AF about losing a few times and you’re blaming it on people rerolling their arena decks, when it’s more likely you just got unlucky and raged about it.

I’m not blaming anything on anyone, friend. But I can’t imagine you’d understand what I’m saying when you come onto forums with the sole purpose of being a thrown in people’s sides.

Here he is again. If you don’t have anything meaningful to say, go elsewhere.

What is meaningful to you. Is this meaningful?

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Read the other 20 paragraphs I wrote.

Your way of getting your point across is what everyone came at you for. Your start is threatening, like you are trying to argue rather than explain.

That’s what i called you out on.

Dude, what part of “your truth is dead because you started with lies” do you not understand?