Do Blizzard representatives reply on posts here?

Hi everyone, I was curious as to how this forum works and whether it’s created to provide back and forth discussion and create assurance for players that care about the game enough to go to forums and write posts about it. I wrote about an issue a while ago, but it was and is up to this day ignored. As a long time paying customer, I’d like at least to get a timeline for a fix or at least an acknowledgement.

Would that be asking too much?


You have a better chance of reaching someone on Reddit. Blizzard mostly seems to ignore these forums

What about the survey that just dropped that they demanded everyone be hush hush about the contents of? Does anyone actually read what gets typed on it?

I have to imagine someone does or they wouldn’t ask. That said, there are probably a lot of responses that get ignored for a variety of reasons

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From what I have seen, there seems to be very little interaction here in the forums from the creators.

The World of Warcraft dev team seems to be a bit more involved on their forums so it is possible.

Okay maybe they do read the surveys cuz I asked about them fixing Rafaams Supreme Archaeology voiceline on mine and they actually got around to it.
Feels like I wasted a curled finger on a monkey paw