Disciple of eonar / loti bug

it looks like others have reported similar problems with disciple of eonar, but in my specific case, after playing d.o.e. i wanted to see what would happen with loti and it gets all 4 options combined, which is cool and all and i suppose the intended effect … but then i was still able to play another choose one effect afterward … so it seems from other threads that it maybe be “breaking” on other cards as well, but i can confirm that it breaks on loti

edit: just to be clear, i was guff hero mode when i did this

We’ve reported that minions that do transform didn’t consume the doe effect.

Patch dropped yesterday saying that this got fixed though. Did it happen to you before or after the patch ? Was it on mobile ? Cause mobile patch is usually late and you could have been playing on the old patch.
If it happened to you after the patch it may be a Loti specific bug they didn’t fix.

Fixed a bug where Disciple of Eonar and Cenarion Hold’s effects wouldn’t be spent if the Choose One played was a transforming minion.

it was literally right before i posted … i play on pc almost exclusively these days … although looking at the launcher it says i’m on patch, so maybe i didn’t get the update yet … i thought i did though