Disable "support-forums" from forum highlight sections

Currently, areas of the forum like “top”, “latest”, “new”, will display posts from the support forum posts, like bug reports etc.

From what I have seen, this just contributes to people who looking for a discussion, either not realising, or ignoring what part of the forum the post is in, and head in with the wrong intent.

Example; Bug Reports, a place players should submit reports of issues or bugs they have experienced, often turns into a place where users themselves start outright interrogating users trying to report bugs, or flat out denying issues happening.

If an issue is happening a lot or not, should not be up to the individual user to decide if is worth the developers time, its pretty safe to assume this is already covered by the Blizzard team gathering info.

Having such debates and hostility go on in bug reports, will make players less likely to want to even attempt to report bugs, if they know it has a high chance of turning into a hostile debate.

My suggestion is to split up these sections of the forum (the support forum posts, like bug reports etc), or untag them from being included in these highlight sections, as it just generates unwanted attention and unecessary access from people with the wrong intentions - considering these are support posts, not posts looking for discussion.

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