Demon Hunters Plz fix it

You can’t be serious with a game that designed by i would think are adults. This is absurd you let this deck go on for this long. Fix Them. I don’t want to be forced to play a class to rank up. It’s rediculous

Yes, but “get good” is also an option.

says the guy who’s prolly playing one

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He would be correct as DH is not that strong. Very easy to counter if you know how.


Bro there is no skill in HS for YEARS now. It’s only random bs and very low IQ decks that perform the best. You saying get good just proved that you’re a meta slave who can’t build a deck yourself.

I have been playing Dh since 2021 and have almost 1600 wins. And, last season (post nerf) i had more games with nature shaman than dh. Have fun pushing diamond with the brilliant off-meta decks created by yourself :slight_smile:

The fix for DH is at a minimum 2 weeks from today which is the next foreseeable patch.

However the patch is a content patch not a balance patch, and traditionally such patches hardly ever contain balance changes, except in rare cases where the situation was dire.

Thus you can expect a balance change over 3 weeks from today, and if you ask really really nice, maybe 2 weeks.