Demon Hunter is broken

Altruis is broken, Metamorphosis is broken, among many cards. When most of the decks for a class don’t even include any neutral cards that’s a pretty good indication that their class cards are too strong.


HSreplay shows the cards that win the most games when played are:

  1. Imprisoned Anataen.
  2. Priestess of Fury.
  3. Metamorphosis.
  4. Altruis the Outcast.
  5. Battlefiend.

That doesn’t mean that it is just those cards that win the game, because this doesn’t take into account tempo and board advantage of previous cards. But it does show these are some of the most powerful ones.

Battlefiend in place 5 also indicates many Demon Hunter games are probably won in very few rounds by just face stomping the opponent.


Interesting, is that out the demon hunter cards or out of ALL cards in the game?

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all you really need to know why its broken is to look into wild. classes that have a 15 or so expansions lead are easily just as good as this

balanced much? yeah, thought not


Can’t believe you guys are the reason such an amazing class got nerfed. If you don’t like the class just leave the game and don’t ruin the fun for the rest of us. It isn’t fair to have to listen and succumb to your whining as soon as you guys battle a tier 1/ tier 0 deck, it’s really immature. Just leave the game if you don’t like it, simple.

Have you played developers in it?
Nerf this retard class!!


Look, warlock’s overtaken demon hunter!

Quick, scream with me! BROKEN. BROKEN!

DH has the draw of warlock, damage of mage, healing of priest, control of warrior, and the tempo of rogue


Every class gets nerfed if it gets out of line.

Demon Hunter should not have been the exception.


I was just watching some prerelease card reviews for fun. RDU called Antean unplayable, useless trash that will never see play lol. Since then it’s been nerfed and it’s still very powerful lol.

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LOL this reply made me login for the first time in months just so I could write LOL.

Excellent bait my guy. xd