Deleted, thank you

Topic made while incoherent and intoxicated. My apologies; kindly disregard.

I don’t understand the topic.


I was hesitant to reply as well. I think it’s mostly the title being the relevant takeaway: “Is there a Discord for the US Hearthstone forums?”

I could be mistaken of course.

(post deleted by author)

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That’s what I thought, and I got excited. Because it’s a wicked idea. Then I couldn’t understand the body of the text.

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I’m still really confused.

Me either. I’m losing coherent, if we’re being honest. This is going beyond me in that. I believe my initial blow-up is enough of a sampler that this is how I feel, overall. I know I’m wrong in many environments.

Like, I lost it. And if we go into more specifically honest topcis I am evidently far left, despite being far left. I lost my @#$%. I lost it and am sorry, guys.

Still open to talk. I understand the last of our conversation is sorta mute. But, nevertheless, can we talk?

I’ll talk about whatever you want, however, I’m still confused as to what the subject is.

Edit: Although I’m still interested in a Hearthstone Forum Discord Server.

Who is going to set one up?


Gonna be real here bud, at no point does anything you’re saying make any sense other than indicating that you’re having a bit of a breakdown.

Are you inebriated?

Technically speaking, The Commoner’s Guild Discord server started off solely as an off-shoot of this forum, free from Blizz moderation and able to more adequately handle a lot of the idiotic douchebaggery that goes on sometimes, it just evolved into something much larger over time. Many of us from there actually met on here originally.


Can I have the link?

Sometimes it’s hopping, sometimes less so. We have a fair few members who don’t even play HS anymore, but hang around on our MtG or non-gaming channels.

Any interest in re-creating a server that falls back on the roots of HSForums?

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That’s up to you. Our largest section of channels is still all HS stuff.

Always cool when a community comes together to have a space set aside for just them and be able to properly moderate it.

We have conspiracy theorists, delusional fact less complaints, people who just make stuff up all the time, hyperbolic chicken littles, etc.

We also have well informed, insightful, informative, well spoken people.

Are we supposed to treat these two groups equally?

I should give empathy to people whose complaints lack empathy towards those playing other cards they don’t like? If they are lacking empathy, what does giving them empathy accomplish? Other than bolstering their egos?