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The amount of

-clear board spells
-clear board minions like the one with 2 dmg AoE battlecry
-lifesteal spells
-big minions 8/8 for free or the other ones when enouch cards in hand or non in draw-hand
-even more healing with the spicy bread minion
-lowering cost in hand with the weapon when draw 4 cards
-ressurecting minions
-another mass BIG AoE clear boards Black-hole aka prolong free turn to finish the quest
-another +3 attack lifesteal minion buff this turn
-another minion whitch can cast a lifesteal 6 dmg hit

hes a mage + paladin + priest IN ONE, really playing vs him is the most BROKEN shytt i ever saw in this falling game in months…

this game is unenjoyable, LOW interactions, for example mages or shamans dont need to use even minion cards at all cuz they can summon it by spells while still damaging and are another broken shytt with low interactions, such low dmg spells and very high tempo (shaman)

the spells in this game for some classes are just tooo muchhh + the mana cheating abbility and other makes this game booring, i cant even play and win some games with my favourite builds cuz they have no chance nowadays vs the “new” unbalanced stuff so im forced to play deck dat im dont enjoy if i want to have a chance to win a booring game…

this game are in very bad state…