Deadly weapons 101 not buffed

The card says gives +2 durability but still only gives +1. Cost me a game :frowning:

have you updated to the latest patch? (note that on mobile the patch may be released a bit later than on pc)

Encountered the same Problem.
I am on PC and on the latest Patch, Deadly Weapons 101 still just gives +1 durability…

please also include what weapon you were trying to buff. from what i have heard, most observations have been with self-sharpening sword

Just experienced this same bug. Had a 2/2 weapon equipped at start of turn, first spell was Deadly Weapons 101, gave me a 4/3 weapon. No minions in play, had Recycling and Khadgar’s Orb (-1 cost to all spells) as treasures.

Nothing else to report and it’s my first instance. Will be watching for other circumstances I can identify.

Just experienced it again: had a 5/1 Hero Power weapon (2/2 + Deadly Poison + Doctor Krastinov) with no minions, cast Deadly Weapons 101 as first spells, gave me a 7/2 weapon. No treasures, first game of the Duels run.

Speculation: I’m wondering if it’s giving +2/+1 first and +2/+2 on combo only. Have not tried it on other weapons or with combo yet.

Just tested it with combo, still got +2/+1 (poison still works). Treasure was Recycling, previous spell was Vulpera Scoundrel, weapon went from 4/2 to 6/3 poison.

At this point, I’m treating the spell like a +2/+1 spell until I see it work otherwise.

Should be fixed any minute now: