Dark souls 2 online mode

Dark souls 2 classic not working online?

Which console or pc? Well Dark Souls 1 worked last year at least on PS4

Wrong forum btw.
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Best i could find with a quick search.

I feel the online is the main reason Dark Souls 2 is my favorite dark souls to go back and play. The others feel pretty empty, but thanks to a strong PVP community in 2 it always seems like there are people around.

Without the servers though i would not think of it as fondly. Hope they come back up.

Well, I play the classic version, on the console, and the online mode is not available, so much so that the first time I downloaded the game, and I was downloading additional content to play pvp, when I went to enter the game it said that I was banned, I am playing alone since then, and I suffer a little passing the bosses, especially in the dlc, I almost gave up and even attacked an npc to get his clothes, to harvest souls, I even managed to find about the king of the giants, I’m practically in NG+26 on this one area.