Dalaran Heist Bug - Stuck at Boss Screen


Played Shaman on the first chapter for the New Solo Adventure - Dalaran Heist.

Was unable to click Play on the boss screen and stuck there perpetually as unable to retire run.

Please help as now i am unable to play solo adventure mode anymore.

This bug persists for both pc and mobile.


I am having the same issue. Really frustrating!


same here. pc/mobile. i can click play but then only the play button is frozen and nothing happens.


To clarify, bug is ACCOUNT specific. My friend logged into his account using my pc and he is able to play Dalaran Heist fine.

Good if Blues are able to give a response to this bug as it is really affecting the Hearthstone experience.


Yes. I am getting this bug too. The hero portrait is missing as well. Ive tried everything, pc, mobile , reinstalling on both modes. Extremely frustrating. Please fix this


same problem as well. and i think it’s preventing me from completing the dungeon completely. I have a few more decks/hero powers to get checkmarks on and i’m assuming once i do I would be able to access the other two heroes? i’m actually curious.


im having the same issue … both pc and mobile


Same issue, fix please.