Dalaran Heist - Bartender Interaction Bug


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I’m not sure whether this bug has already been reported:
At Bartender Bob’s I first used the +2/+2 buff on one of my minions (Zilliax) and then shuffled 3 copies of it into my deck. Then I used “You’re All Fired” on all the minions shown and I ended up having just 3 regular statted Zilliaxes in my deck. Considering the order, I suppose I should have ended up with 3 +2/+2 Zilliaxes in my deck.

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This has been report, but it appears to be working correctly as per:


I encountered a similar situation where I had a 0-cost Toki from the first bar encounter. In the second encounter, 0-cost Toki was on the board and I used “The Gang’s All Here”. They ended up being 6-cost Toki’s.

After reading the card text again, it turns out to be “add three NEW copies” so that was kind of disappointing.