Current state of hs is unfun

in this meta u get killed in turn 4 by stealth minions and a huge weapon
infinite mana especially armor druid now
can f2p player get get a decent win condition
ik sire was too much with other op decks but for a guy like me who don’t owe any op deck
it was a way to fight back some how surviving
but now even thats gone
i really dont belive nerfing sire was the the solution when many other decks are using sire on top of rheir already busted decks
so plz fix those
i thought dk is new so you will obviously give us cards that matches new meta in strength
but some cards either too under powered
or too costly
or too demanding
especially some of the 3 cost cards are great but at thhis state i would recommend buffing some to 2 cost
lie the one that draws card after other minion dies
most of the cards just 1 per turn
a discount will give more flexibility
runes should get another slot if not 5
yes i want dk to be busted
because every thing already is in this game
just like renathal the guy who expand card slots
why not create another guy who gives another rune slot
so 4 default
and another with a random guy
i seriously believe 5 is a great number to have a greater mix of 2 runes or a decent mix of 3 runes
because rn mixing all runes feels useless
so give us more freedom
i never really give feed back
but m on the edge to leave this game
might as well let my frustration out lol