Could see my rank during season 36, but now can't


Now with that live-update Leaderboard, it does not look at “your best 30 consecutive runs” any more. At the end of a season, the final rank is just your up-to-date rank.

And it looks like my final rank is on the 167th page :stuck_out_tongue:


  • During season 36 I was able to see my name on the Leaderboard (Arena, Americas, Season 36).
    • Proof of screenshot (taken on Feb 25, 2023): imgur. com/a/gePmkjp
  • But now after the season ends, I can’t find my name.
  • Manually went over the first 160 pages of the Leaderboard, but couldn’t find it.
    • Actually should not have looked that far (160 pages), since, as the screenshot shows at some point during the season 36 my Average Wins was 4.11, and therefore my final number on the Leaderboard should be at least 4.11 - that is at page 85.)

If I am not mistaken, the Arena leaderboard is based on the average score of all runs in the season for those with at least 30 completed runs.
The season reset is only a week ago. Are you sure that you already completeed 30 runs in the new season?

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