Constant disconnections since patch

Ever since the patch on July 14, I have been getting disconnected from all of my games. I’ll be in Battlegrounds, or Tavern Brawl, or ranked play, or arena and the screen will freeze. Sometimes, it will let me know and reload but most of the time I have to quit and go back into the game. I have lost untold games because of this issue.

I have restarted my modem and router and this has not helped. This ONLY started after the patch. It is also happening on my MS laptop, so it’s not just Mac.


If it’s happening on a windows machine as well, there’s a useful tool we can use to try to identify the problem. We can run pathpings on mac, but they’re less accurate for intermittent disconnections. If you’re still having this problem, please create a WinMTR test which catches a disconnection. You want to restart the test every 10-15 minutes until you catch one of these problems. Once you’ve caught one red handed, run the test for about 5 more minutes. This will let us look for problems between your house and our servers which may cause this.

If you have problems with posting it due to a link error, go ahead and copy paste this into your next post, and replace “WinMTR goes here” with your test.

WinMTR goes here

thank you I will do that. Today, when I reloaded a game in progress, I lost my consecration card! Because that happened, I lost the game. First time losing a card.

Hey there,

We’re unable to assist with gameplay related things here - this forum’s only for tech support. If you think you’ve found a bug, please report it at #bug-report. How’s the disconnection issue been? Have you caught one with winMTR yet?