Combo Winter or Disruption Summer?

There are even more applications.

Vs aggro

Here skip your turn 3 because I have priest high cost stuff. While I steal the coin and play a 1 drop from your hand.

Vs spellmage / cyclone mage
Oh hey look at this sorc apprentice and 1 cost spell hand with evocation. Thanks.

Vs Pure Paladin
Hey I think I will cast these cool librams on mah stuffz.

Vs Warrrior
These risky skippers and armorsmith look great … on my side.

This card is so gud.

I’m not sold that the priest Leg will break the game, but you are crazy if you think this thing doesn’t hard counter any combo deck where the Priest times playing the Leg correctly. This shouldn’t even be up for debate.

Why would you want to play survival of the fittest even if you could? Since you know, you stole their deck also so you would be buffing everything in the deck your just giving back to your opponent after the turn.

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Neither if you just hit your opponent in the face over and over and over again.

true that. So you can’t really mess up druid at all with illucia, after all. Maybe overflow to make him mill card and that it.

You can play his kael. Use up swipes. Moonfires. Whatever other spells or minions. There are some applications.

Spell can still be played without kael. Using illucia to spend some random card is probably a big tempo loss, especially since Priest will usually have less mana than druid, so he might not even be able to play druid’s big card.

well, i dont think a control decks minds sacrificing tempo to survive.
On the other hand, a spell druid without cheap spells is going to need to buy more time to find another batch of spells.

While i don’t think Illucia is that strong vs druid, she does buy you time.

Can’t say much for Standard but in Wild the main things are quest mage and mechthun warlock.
Against mage against bad mages it would mean steal quest against the good ones just take their giants and such.
Lock means you can just Cataclysm their hand in the late game.