Combo Winter or Disruption Summer?

With the new set we all see how many crazy things we could do, in theory.
The tools of Scholomance made many of us DROOL with the possibilities of combos, be it with engines (Potion of Illusion) or filtering (Sphere).

However Scholomance also gives us a SLEW of disruption mechanics, namely Stelina and Illucia.

I find it funny how we are sitting on the edge of a Combo Winter, while also having the tools of disruption to easily prevent it or keep it at bay.

Do you think the combo meta will be unstoppable?
Will the mere presence of Warlock-Priest-DemonHunter deter it like the Cold War?
Will this meta strike a healthy equilibrium?

Perhaps both kingdoms, Combojians and Technomites may accept their equal power and reach mutual understanding.

Perhaps this is but a prelude of a new age of Peace and Concord—


Combo decks lose to any deck that can consistently put up pressure each turn, which is something most meta decks are capable of.

It’s highly unlikely any of the possible Combo decks become meta because of this, and even less so if cards like Glide and Mindrender Illucia become meta.

Considering it’s just the 2nd expac of the year, this ain’t even it’s final form.

Glide will be meta. DH likes drawing, and likes hand dumping. This reads “4 mana Draw 4” a lot of the time. And if you need a long game, it forces your control opponent from 9 cards to 4 which is a HUGE blow especially if played at a good time rather than “this seems like an arbitrarily good turn”. Playing this late enough with Star Student puts opponent at 4 random cards they didn’t plan for, then you see 3 of the 4. Not a GOOD combo, but one nontheless. And SSS is just a generically good card (not broken, not weak- just play it right).

I still stand by Rogue and Warrior and Murloc Priest (last one is bold) being meta for aggressive pressure potency.

How does the Illucia deck win, is my question. Sure it’s cute if they can burn a combo piece, but what is the deck otherwise doing that puts it in a winning position?

Just being a Control Priest that grinds out games with Galakrond. And if Illucia burns a Combo piece, how is the Combo deck supposed to win?

Illucia beats Combo decks singlehandedly. Just wait for the turn before you think your opponent has the combo set up, and you can just play Illucia and throw their cards away.


They just play the cards you gave them as the Gala Priest, which usually has a bunch.

And other than specifically Kael’thas Druid, is there any combo deck out there that’s highly reliant on a specific card that could be burned?

Wow that one turn of some random Priest minions or a board clear sure is going to win the game somehow. Seriously tho, that’s a non-issue.

What Combo decks are there that can still win games without their combo pieces? Because if they exist, they aren’t really Combo decks are they?

I think we will see three combo deck :

Mage, because it can consistenly kill , then freeze your board for several turn before casting Reno. 11 turn is a lot and they may have drawn mozaki + arcane missile + one apprentice+ potion. Elemental allies, sphere of sapience and Arcane intellect can help tutoring the spell needed.

Druid, because his combo requires usually only one card and the mana to activate it, so with his ramp + Kael thas + ysiel, he ll easily activate survival of the fittest.

Aggro burn rogue. I consider it a combo deck, as there may be several combo card and its kinda relies on keycard such a secret passage.

I doubt we will see HW paladin, and I don’t think nomi is strong enough anymore to justify building around it, but maybe some miracle DH with DQA and Nomi .

The turn the priest plays Illucia, they’re already working with 2 less mana. So whatever they try to play to ‘disrupt’ the combo, is probably less impactful than what you can play with full mana.

I’m not convinced yet on Illucia. She’s a legendary so you need to both have her in time to disrupt the combo and not die to them tempoing out minions from your hand.

How is having 2 less mana an issue? You only need to play 1 or 2 cards to prevent the combo from happening, and if they cost more than 8 mana I have a hard time believing that combo would have worked in the first place.

It’s 1 turn man. Plus if you already had a board clear in hand, the worst thing your opponent can do is burn it. If they play your minions, which they likely won’t be able to play more than 2, you’ll still have the board clear in hand to stop it.

I don’t think Illucia will disrupt Druid, as survival of the fittest, its keycard , cost 10 mana. So you can’t cast it when you play Illucia.

I think the deck most in trouble is mage as it need quite a lot of card to go in combo and can’t do it with Mozaki. But who knows.

If they play your minions and then you have to spend your own aoe to clear it, it doesn’t sound like you’re making a lot of progress. And if you’re using Plague then that takes up your whole turn and they get to develop again.

I’d forgotten about it (because I’m not convinced it’ll work) but the theorycrafted freeze mage that OTKs with Potion of Illusion+Sorc Apprentice+Antonidas would be very vulnerable to Illucia.

Doesn’t matter at all since their combo is gone and cannot win the game.

I say that it isn’t neither combo or disruption metagame.

It gonna be a tempo metagame and therefore glide gonna be junk but illucia gonna be a good card.

Have no cards because your class not draw?
Okay. Play illucia and proceed to play what the oponent has in his hand.

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Aggro has cards on power levels that are out of the realm that I thought was possible. Just look at lightning bloom, diligent notetaker, secret passage, jeeves 2.0, ect, and you can see that aggro is going to be taking ppl to school for the semester.

Combo has no chance as the cards glide and that priest steal ur hand and deck are so brutal that you just instantly lose to each card.

Kaelthas says otherwise.

good point; But would you play kaelthas in priest solely to hypothetically ruin druid combo ? and you’d need 2 cheap spell in druid hand, too. Or you 'd need to find kael in druid hand + 2 cheap spell + Survival at turn 10. why would druid have that in hand and not used it by then, considering he is ramping?

Shes the most powerful combo disruption ever made. You just wait for half the game play it on turn 10 or 15 or whatever then instantly win the game.
Oh what nice moonfires and swipes you have gg.
Oh nice 0 cost maly you have gg.
Oh is that a kael thas. Dont mind if I do. gg
Oh and good luck doing anything with my random priest gala garbage.

Quest lock which is arguably galk priest’s worst match up. Burning the warlocks damage cards is huge in the matchup.

Warrior runs a lot of little combos that center around risky skipper/bloodsworn mercenary.

More situational but you could potentially steal your opponent’s galk vs rogue.