Climb the Ladder with Hearthstone Esports in 2023!

I will never spend on any Blizz product again! RIP HS


“Get ready for 2023 HS eSports!” Psh. What a joke.

Diablo IV needs to be a Hail Mary, Game of the Year, smash Home Run out of the park, or else I think Blizz has finally started it’s final rotation on their downward spiral into the abyss. I’m not saying Blizz will be gone along with its games, but I feel a lot of players will leave. I’ve already considered cutting the cord completely a couple times he last couple of years, and a move like this (a big slap to the face for those wanting to compete) pushes me closer to the edge. Just don’t want to support this company anymore, honestly.


It’s a shame.

Every time that I returned to this game It was because of Brazilian transmission of Masters Tour/GrandMaster/Worldcup pra LobbyLegends. They are great and makes us happy in every transmission, It was a pleasure to watch them.

Many times I spent money in the game excited for trying Master Qualifications to enter, dreaming about being in a game with Brazilian team narrating my game.

F for me, player for 5 years, getting legend many for more than a year. Never will spend a penny in this game anymore.

F Hearthstone
F Heroes
F Overwatch

Blizzard kills every nice game.


I think there have been plenty of comments on the topic on the Twitter thread for this post. I’ve contributed a couple myself.

At the same time, I don’t expect there’s much to be achieved by responding to game devs, community managers, or the PR folks responsible for announcing this. The person responsible for making the decision isn’t coming forward to talk to the community about it, so there really isn’t much to discuss about whether this change will lead to the outcomes they want; the only discussion is about how we feel about it.

you’ve just killed 95% of professional structures in HS, most of good players have just annonced they leave HS competitive scene. I don’t know if it was the goal of the annonce but I think you missed something.

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I’m happy to see more drop opportunities!

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Exactly. This is a high exec who doesn’t care about the games outside the revenue they can take in, which is why 2023 hs took such a hit.

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…that they’ll scam people out of. Plenty of people waiting for drops from years ago that they never made good on. Don’t get scammed to bump their view counts!

I’m not saying people should boycott until they bring back the vote for winning teams…but I would agree with anyone who did.

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People say hearthstone isnt dying…it is. Slowly. And they’re killing it themselves.

Dont be surpised if they cut support for the game soon.


They’ll even cut support for popular games that are relatively unchallenged and still giving them plenty of income and attention.

Pressing F for Starcraft fans: they did you guys dirty.

this cant be real… oO

It’s going to have a battle pass and in game shop- it’s already sunk.

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Probably RIP HS, changing to full F2P now

Blizzard,really S.O.B!

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Shame to kill our game like that ! You will lose what you have taken 10 years to build. No matter the new extensions, it was the emulation that kept the community going. From my point of view as insignificant as it is, players could have paid more to play rather than having to stop playing for lack of attractiveness at all levels of the community. Hs it’s not chess. You will lose me after almost 10 years and many more unfortunately. You don’t remove the engine from a car otherwise it ends up like rasta rockett… Thanks to the dev teams who have done a wonderful job so far.

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How about I just flag whoever beats me as cheaters. Much better idea.

Please, spare us finally with your waffling drivel and talk straight for a change! Why do you actually think we are so stupid that we could somehow point to your diplomatic business babble? Who writes your PR texts?!

Not true Masters Tour Prizes:
1st place $10,000 USD
2nd place $8,000 USD
3rd-4th place $5,000 USD per player
5th-8th place $3,000 USD per player
9th-12th place $1,500 USD per player
13th-16th place $1,000 USD per play

Your game is NOT an ESPORT it is a CASINO game nothing more.