Chat + suggestions

During a match I send messages to friends and when they reply it doesn’t appear in my game.
It’s in the Battle Net chat window but not the game chat window I’m using.
So I think they’re done talking only to find out they had replied immediately and they thought I was done talking…

When time runs out your turn ends.
The first time it happened to me a player used something like “Replay every spell that has been cast.” and then his time ran out. His character kept casting spells and then he even played a couple of minions and attacked all while his time was over.
To add insult to injury my time was being used! When it was finally my turn the wire was burning.
No. When your time ends it ends. Halfway through casting something? Too bad.
Your turn is over. You should’ve played it earlier.
If this is on purpose please let me know and I will use this strategy every single match until enough people complain that it changes.

Taunt should work a little better.
I’m happy for cards that target enemy hero to bypass taunt… I’m not happy for spells that don’t only target hero to bypass taunt. That’s the point of it. You can’t cast that against me because I purposely played a taunt guy to stop you.

Ice trap should work for all spells.
An opponent played a minion that had the battlecry something like replay last spell cast.
I played the ice spell to block that. It didn’t work but it should.

Misdirection trap should not work AS WELL as others.
I put down two traps for the purpose of the first minion gets misdirected. Then the 2nd one gets frozen or exploding trap. Not both! Don’t misdirect to hit the enemy hero and then set off another trap too! I played them in that order for a reason.